Fundani: The complete e-Learning delivery and management suite

  • Course Management
  • Instructor and Student Management
  • Online Creation and Selling of Courses
  • Social Driven Learning
  • Badges and Certificates and Much More

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Easy Course Creation

Easy to use course creation panel

Course Manageement

Easy to use management features such as adding students, removing students, student activity, scores and more

User Dashboard

An all in one area for updating and notifying instructors and students. Show graphs, stats, news etc

User Activity

See what users are doing on your site at all time

Notification and Messaging

A built in notification and messaging system to ensure that students and instructors are kept up to date


Invite instructors to collaborate and publish courses and earn commission for each course sale

Tests and Questions

Many different types of tests including static tests, dynamic tests, with manual or automatic evaluation and 8 types of questions including MCQ, MCC, TF, Sort, Drop, Fillin the blanks, Select Drop, Text and Essay

Badges and Certificates

Allows you to award course badges and certificates and comes with a certificate code validator and allows for sharing on social networks.

Upload Assignments

Allows students to upload homework and and assignments. Allows for manual evaluation of assignments and remarks

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps with offline mode for better reach

Fundani is built to handle millions of simultaneous users without any problems, making it ideal for any institution.

Standard Package Features

  • 2Gb Hosting
  • 75 Email Accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Responsive Designs
  • Self Customization or
  • Paid Customization
  • Active Support
  • Free Yearly Make Over
  • Automated Backups

We also advanced hosting options such as cloud hosting in order to accommodate the growing needs of your website.

Our Pricing

Our system is not just a website platform but an advanced, intricate and dynamic mechanism that can be modeled and shaped in just about anyway conceivable. As such, we decided to be creative and inventive by offering a variety of packages to choose from, each featuring additional features and functionality than the previous, designed to offer maximum business performance.

Standard Package


This package is the most ideal starter pack, allowing you to have a beautiful and functional website for your business or organisation at ridiculously low rates. It feature the following

  • 2Gb Hosting
  • 75 Email Accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Responsive Designs
  • Self Customization or
  • Paid Customization</>
  • Free .CO.ZA Domain
  • Active Support
  • Free Yearly Make Over
  • Automated Backups

Connect Package


The connect package is the most ideal way of marketing your business as it adds a number of highly useful marketing components right into your website, allowing you to use it as a very robust and measurable marketing tool, it features.

  • Social media dashboard: allowing to link and manage all your social networks from your website e.g. you can schedule automatic posting to social networks
  • Google Analytics: allowing you monitor your site visitors in real time.
  • Email Automation: allowing you to run and manage email marketing campaigns
  • We also include a FREE online marketing course for you or your stuff

Premium Package


The premium package is the most advanced business solution as it features all the features of the the previous two package plus it is integrated with BizXpress, our comprehensive and complete business management system.

  • Human Resource Management Module
  • Payroll Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Accounting Module
  • Customer Relationship Management Module
  • Project Management & More
  • Unlimited Users

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Custom Registration Forms

We design custom registration forms in accordance with what best suits your institution. These can be made to collect documents, process payment etc.

Custom Website Development

We design custom websites for institutions of all sizes, these can be equipped with just about any features in order to make them compliant and purposeful for your individual needs.

Active Support

We provide active support for our clients in the form email, online chat, social media and of course phone support. This is to ensure that you use your system with as little hustle as possible.

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